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The concept of the ethno village „Azbuka“

Within the ethno village “Azbuka” there are two restaurants. The capacity of a smaller, more intimate restaurant is 40 seats, while the capacity of a large restaurant, ideal for organizing all types of celebrations, is 150 seats. The interior of both restaurants is unique and traditional, offering a breathtaking view of the untouched nature of the Mačva District.

What makes the ethno village “Azbuka” truly unique and an integral part of the natural landscape is the fact that the hosts used only traditional materials for its construction. Old Vojvodina brick and plain roofing tile will bring you back to the old times. Beautiful environment, untouched nature and an escape from the urban lifestyle will give you the opportunity to enjoy and relax.

Ethno village “Azbuka” offers 6 bungalows (6 traditional cottages) to accommodate its guests. Each bungalow has a capacity to accommodate up to 4 people and each is equipped with a living room, a minibar, a bedroom and a bathroom. In addition, within our ethno village there is a large swimming pool, as well as a children’s pool and a playground named “The Children Village”, which offers a range of playground equipment and facilities.

An adventure park for all ages is envisioned for the next phase of construction, which will be ideally integrated into the landscape, next to a café placed adjacent to a small lake with a watermill and a mini dam.


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